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    Common Name:Pomelo,Honey Pomelo,shaddock,Grapefruit,yuzu

  • Scientific Name:Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis
  • Genus:Citrus
  • Species:C. maxima
  • Origin:Jason Nursery
  • Varieties:Red pulp honey pomelo,Yellow pulp honey pomelo,Three red pulp honey pomelo,Common Honey Pomelo

  • Details:



    Varieties and characteristics of Pomelo :


    1.Red Pulp Honey Pomelo:(Emphasis Recommendation)
    The type is the new type in here.The meat tender crisp and juice,its taste sweet and sour moderate,there was honey fragrance.At present, it is the most popular type in the global.

    2.Yellow Pulp Honey Pomelo :
    The type is the new type too in here.It seedless ,juicy, soft,sweet slightly acidic,taste with forever.With the navel orange the same.


    3.Three Red Pulp Honey Pomelo(Red pulp,Endocarp pink,Epicarp red):
    The type is the latest type too in here.It excellent quality,juice cell tender crisp,water more,the palate is sweet.I believe it will soon become the world's attention type.


    4. Common Honey Pomelo :
    The characteristics of this type is White pulp,thick skin, pulp crisp and tasty,and the taste is very sweet.