Mango Mango Mango Mango

Scientific classification

  • Scientific Name:       Mangifera indica Linn
  • English Name:      Mango,MNG,chito melon
  • Family:      Anacardiaceae
  • Genus:      Mangifera L.
  • Type:      Evergreen Tree
  • Country Of Origin:     China

The mango is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the genus Mangifera in the family of Anacardiaceae. It is a famous tropical fruit native to India and Malaysia. It is very popular and called "king of tropical fruits" because of its delicate flesh and unique flavor. There are different species of mangos in the world with different sizes, shapes, colors, fibre contents and kernel sizes.

The mango has fantastic color, aroma and flavor with abundant nutrients. It has the function of tonifying stomach, quenching thirst and dieresis. The fruit is juicy and delicious which can be processed into syrup canned products, candied fruit, wine, dried fruits, jams or jellies. The mango trees are the most-widely used plants in the world for a green environment.