Dongguan Warburn Seedling Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Warburn Seedling Co.,Ltd mainly deal with business of Landscape Plants,Flowers plants,Fruit trees export trade.We can meet your large order, if our website without you need to plants,we will help you find you need of plants.

When you place your order, you agree to the following terms:


1. All prices, varieties, quantities are effective only by Email.

2. We sale are seedlings,and the usual size 40-70cm height, 0.5-1.0cm diameter,but some varieties will be different.If you need to buy the Large size plants,just contact us.

3. All plants without pot,without soil,will be packed with moss or Coconut Coir and plastics,then packed in cartons that the plants will have enough moisture when they get you.

4. Also we can shipment the plants with soil by Container if your country allows it.

Take Delivery: Here is how to determine whether your plant is dead or alive?

Scratch a small area of bark on the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or fingernail. If you see brown or black underneath, then the plant is dead. If you see green, then the plant is alive and will leaf out again. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy. If the time is during the growing season, then the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self pruning measure. Of course,we guarantee our plants to be true to type and in healthy condition,we have been shipping the plants reach out worldwide for the past ten years,it's rare that a problem occurs.


1.Since plants are perishable items, all sales are final. Nursery stock cannot be returned without our permission. In all cases goods cannot be returned after they have been accepted, processed, improperly stored or planted.

2.All orders are final. We do not offer refunds. We do not refund shipping cost to customers to return their plants to us. By accepting nursery stock, customer accepts seller's terms and conditions of sale, which constitute the entire agreement. In no circumstance will our liability be greater than the cost paid for the customer's order.