Longan Longan Longan Longan

Scientific classification

  • Scientific Name:       Dimocarpus longganaLour
  • English Name:      Longan,euphoria longan,lungan,Dragon Eye
  • Family:      Sapindaceae
  • Genus:      Dimocarpus
  • Type:     Evergreen Trees
  • Country Of Origin:     China

The longan is an evergreen tree in the family of Sapindaceae. It is a subtropical tree and native to China. The longan tree is high and its fruit is ball-shaped with a black seed. It is lustrous with thin shell and fleshy fruit. It is juicy and tastes sweet.

The longan has abundant nutrients including glucose, sucrose, Vitamin A and B as well as high contents of protein, fat and various minerals. The fruits can be made into canned products in addition to fresh eating.