Carambola Carambola Carambola Carambola Carambola Carambola

Scientific classification

  • Scientific Name:       Averrhoa carambola
  • English Name:      Starfruit, Five-finger,Carambola,Averrhoa Carambola,5 fingers,five-corner
  • Family:      Oxalidaceae
  • Genus:      Averrhoa
  • Type:      Evergreen Tree
  • Country Of Origin:     China

The carambola belongs to the family of Oxalidaceae and is tropical and subtropical fruit. It is an evergreen small tree or shrub, native to India. The carambola is one of the most prestigious fruits in the Lingnan area.The shape and color of the carambola: It is in the shape of five-ridges. Its skin is green or light green when unripe and turns yellow-green or bright yellow when ripe. It is 80g for a single fruit weight. The skin is as thin as a thin film. The pulp is crisp, juicy, sweet and fragrant with an appropriate proportion of sweetness and sourness and a little fibre.

The carambola has a high content of water, which contributes to digestion, nourishing and health care of the human bodies. It also has an antibiotic effect. The juice can improve the appetites, help with digestion and cure skin diseases.