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    1Q: Where is JASON NURSERY located?
    1A: We located ,Tsing Shan Village,LinChen Town,HuaZhou City,GuangDong Province,China


    2Q: Do you have other locations?
    2A: Yes,we also have two nurseries in the other cities.


    3Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
    3A: We are manufacturer which with more than 10 years of experience in planting, sales, trade cooperation of enterprise of hi gh-quality Fruit Plants and Landscape Plants, etc.When we have no plants you are looking for,that we need procurement for you from other places , also we are trading company.


    4Q: Do I need to make an appointment to visit your nursery?
    4A: No, visitors are welcome to come by during our business hours.


    5Q: What is your target custmers?
    5A: Growers, Retailers (Chain Stores), Importers, Wholesalers and Fruit Stores,Farm,Garden etc.We welcome anyone who is interested in our products.


    6Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    6A: No, but it's hard to leave with just one tree!Because the price and the order quantity are mutual directly influence,the order quantity is small,the price will high.


    7Q: Do you sell or ship fruit?
    7A: Yes,We offer the fruit from our orchards for sale and ship. Do you have a brochure you can mail?We do not have a printed brochure that we can mail, but our website offers detailed information on our products including photographs.


    8Q: Do you offer a guarantee or warranty on your plants?
    8A: We guarantee the plants to be true to type and healthy upon purchase, but there is no expressed or implied warranty once a plant is in the customer's care.


    9Q: Please send me a total with shipping charges included and please mention the size of the plant.
    9A: The different plants types have different price,and the price and the order quantity are mutual directly influence,the order quantity is small,the price will high.


    10Q: What is your payment terms?
    10A: Deposit payment(advance payment) of 50% and 50% before shipment by T/T transfer,if the order quantity less than 50 that the deposit payment(advance payment) is 100% .


    11Q: What is your delivery time?
    11A: Within 7-20 days for the normal delivery time after receiving both signed confirmation and deposit payment.


    12Q: When will it fruit?How long will it be before my fruit tree sets fruit?
    12A: Most of the fruit trees we sell will begin to flower and set fruit, especialy grafted varieties. Depending on the season they may even arrive with small fruit on them. When trees are young and not strong enough to support fruit you should pinch off the fruit; you may leave 3-4 fruits on for show.The grafted they should start normal fruiting within 1-2 years. The older the tree the more productive it will be. Production also depends on your growing conditions: if you meet the optimal requirements for the tree it will thrive.


    13Q: Will these trees fruit in containers?
    13A: Yes, if you provide them enough light and proper care. In our catalog you may see pictures of a small size trees blooming and fruiting in 1-3 galon containers.


    14Q: What if I have another, unanswered question?
    14A: Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.